Our School Today

Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski High School in Puławy is the oldest and highly meritorious school for the Puławy region. In a year we will be celebrating the centenary of the school`s existence (1916 - ...). Beata Trzcińska-Staszczyk is the current principal of the school, having been holding the office for ten years. Currently there are 751 high school students and 248 students of the middle school. The school is strongly connected to the Czartoryski family. Annually, on the Patron`s Day – which is a school holiday – and other important moments of the school life, the members of the family accompany our students and teachers, who in return thoroughly prepare for those meetings.

The Patron`s Day is a special holiday in the process of education and care – it is a time, during which apart from passing the school`s flag to the freshmen, the oathing and reminiscing the merits of Adam Jerzy Czartoryski there are also other ceremonies, such as the unveiling of the school`s very first commemorative plaque found in autumn of 2013 or the unveiling of the plaques commemorating the deaths of our graduates and teachers who perished in extermination camps in the East, mainly in Katyń.

The school is a thriving cultural and social centre. The school community actively participates in social, cultural and educational life of Puławy by organising a wide variety of events: regional celebration of the Independence Day,  May 3rd Constitution Day, the  January Uprising, popular carolling with graduates from our school, Oaks of Freedom planting, ‘Izabeliada’ - a series of cultural events to commemorate Princess Izabela Czartoryska the great Countess of Puławy, school rollerblading adventures, readings of works  by Count Aleksander Fredro, numerous charity campaigns like food and clothes collections or blood donations, publishing of  Annales - the school annals presenting articles written by both teachers and students, voluntary services focused on work for the local hospice, Three Wise Men processions and annual actions connected with the European Heritage Days.

In order to appreciate our students, an official meeting of the teaching staff, local authorities, school supporters, students and their parents is held every year in the historic chambers of the Czartoryski Palace. The purpose of this celebration is to honor our pupils who represent the school in every possible way.

What is more, we promote didactic as well as educational achievements. We are also supported by the local environment and this is the reason why we are awarding our best ambassadors with commemorative ‘A Friend of the School’ medals. A high opinion our dormitory holds cannot be forgotten. It has had great trust among students and their parents for many years in spite of the fact that the housing conditions are not at the highest level. Our dorm is yearly full. Students who attend our school achieve high results in final exams and all kinds of national contests and competitions. The average pass rate of the final exam in 2010 was 99,6% while in the years 2011 -  2014 it reached 100%. Our scores are higher than the national average. Our effort and outcome in this area were approved by the external evaluation which had been performed at my request in 2010 and scored very highly. We are also pleased with the place that the school took in the rankings, primarily carried out by ‘Perspektywy’ and ‘Rzeczpospolita’. In 2012 we came 281st, in 2013 we took 194th place, and 10th in the voivodeship while in 2014 we were 175th in Poland and 9th in the voivodeship.

We pay particular attention to gifted and talented students. Therefore, annually our students take top places both in central and regional contests as well as in various tournaments and competitions.  A recent study of the central contests' results shows the following: in 2005-2009 18 students became laureates or finalists, in 2010-3 students, in 2011 -3 students (one of them was also awarded the bronze medal in The International Chemistry Contest), in 2012-3 finalists, in 2013- 2 laureates and 1 finalist, in 2014- 3 laureates. Our students take part in numerous and miscellaneous tournaments and competitions. For instance, they participated in The International Competition to name Global Environment Monitoring System for Environment, which was organised by The European Commission Bureau. They defeated all European participants and received the main prize- a balloon flight over the Lublin Voivodship. Every year our students take part in The National Contest for "AGH UST Diamond Student Book", the National Biochemical Contest, Mathematical Kangaroo Competition, Tne National Norwid Competition, language competitions, The Lion Cub Science Competition, BSP UNESCO Photography Competition and film competitions. There have been laureates in all of the above mentioned contests and competitions. Despite the fact that we do not have sports groups, we also took first place in the county and voivodship "Licealiada" sports competition. Our students also became laureates in many other regional and county sports competitions. A lot of competitions are organised by our school. Some of our students have been awarded a scholarship within Lublin Financial Aid Program for Gifted and Talented Students. Our efforts are appreciated and thus our school was awarded "Talent Discoverer School" title by the Minister of Education in 2011 and the remembrance medal "Merited for the Lublin Voivodship" by the marshall of the Lublin Voivodship.

Having realised a huge advantage which results from widespread knowledge of foreign languages I started cooperating with the Comenius Programme since the day I overtook my post as the principal. Over the present moment starting with the year 2010 we have hosted five assistants from Spain, Germany and France and taken part in three students’ exchanges based on the Comenius Programme. It was three years ago when we introduced Spanish among a varied range of foreign languages taught at our school. We are currently doing a survey on the need of introducing Italian into the school syllabus. For the last few years we have been in touch with a Polish school in Baranowicze in Belarussia. Language skills, getting to know different cultures, history and tradition about other nationalities becomes precious for our students. Studying their results at final exams, competitions and following their university carriers (a vast group of our students take up university courses in a foreign language) I am positive that our development direction is correct. Our school achievements would not be significant if it was not for extra circular classes which have been carried over the period of 2010 – 2014 based on European projects just to mention: Mathematics, Reactivation, Rzeszów Universities and Archimedes.

Since the moment I took the post as the school principal I have searched for ways to order school procedures and ideas about school work. After a detailed analysis and few professional meetings I decided to implement the System of Quality Management according to its norm PN – EN ISO 9001: 2001. I managed to encourage a group of enthusiastic teachers towards my ideas but especially I am grateful to my plenipotentiary who is currently appointed as a deputy head for her quality management over the school work. The system has been used successfully until present and it is constantly being improved. It is fully coherent with the directives of the Ministry of Education in the issue of educational guidance and in accordance with the Governing Inspection requirements. The introduced and well maintained system of quality management together with external and internal inspections provide us with annual detailed information on our work. We are satisfied with our strengths but we are constantly researching where and how we could improve the quality of our actions in order to make our work more effective. The introduced system of quality comprises all didactic, educational and upbringing actions as well as the sphere of school management. They once again prove that the implemented Regulations on Management Supervising work perfectly within the System of Quality Management.

With my sincere responsibility I may claim that the system is working and gives support while improving our work. We were the first school in Lublin Region and among one of the very first few ones throughout the country which introduced the System of Quality Management.

The school is also a material property base. The historical building together with 3 smaller ones (a lodge, a so called “Headmaster’s House”, which has been recently regained, and a dormitory) create a complex, which still needs renovation. The school’s budget, enriched by the funds gained by the school itself allows to keep renovating and buying teaching aids. Not only the windows in the school building and the dormitory have been replaced with new ones but also several other improvements have been introduced, namely: the stairs, floors and doors have been changed, the corridors and classrooms have been painted, the doctor’s and the dentist’s consulting rooms as well as the dormitory rooms have been adjusted to the EU’s requirements. As part of acquiring the EU’s funds, the classrooms have been equipped with such teaching aide as: TV sets, DVDs, interactive boards, projectors, laptops, and many more. The monitoring system has been installed in the school and the dormitory area. Thanks to the funds gained form sponsors, fully equipped chemistry and language classrooms have been in use for 2 years. I take care of the implementation of IT solutions in our school, and for updating and developing of our website. While I have been holding the headmaster’s office, the school has been enriched with 2 new IT and multimedia classrooms. The school’s administration base together with the school’s library base have been joined into one system. In the 2007/2008 school year, as one of the first in Poland I introduced an electronic register, which has made the communication with the school easier for the parents. Today it is a part of the school’s everyday life. Managing the school I try to think economically and make professional and responsible decisions.

We are delighted because of the elevation of the school building, which will soon be finished. We have been waiting for it for years and today we can proudly look at the school building, which has returned to its days of glory. Over a thousand young people study in this magnificent place. Their energy and talents are developed by more than 70 teachers satisfied with perfect annual enrolment. We are not influenced by the population decline!

Beata Trzcińska – Staszczyk
The Headmistress of Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski High School in Puławy